Pistachios, sea salt roasted

Variety of roastings:

Pistachios, sea salt roasted


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An exquisitely simple combination of high quality pistachio and sea salt, loved by all. A delightful experience of artisan roasting, perfectly seasoned with salt.
Perfect choice to compliment wines and spirits.

Choose between box and pouch and their different sizes.
If you wish to make a special and exclusive gift, we recommend our boxes.
If you want to give yourself a treat, you can choose our pouches.


· Superfood.
· Suitable for vegans and gluten free.
· Rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.
· Source of vitamins A, B and C.
· Antioxidant properties.
· High in fiber and proteins.

For 100gr.
Energy value: 2.495 kJ / 600 kcal.
Total fat: 44gr.
of which saturated: 4,3gr.
Carbohydrates: 32gr.
of which sugars: 0,68gr.
Protein: 19gr.
Salt: 0.53gr.

Pistachios (99,5%)
Sea Salt (0,5%)

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