Gift Box

Combine any flavors and create a unique gift

Gift Box

  Chose and combine any of our nuts and create a unique gift.


Free shipping in Spain (mainland) on purchases over 26€.
Shipments are now available to all over Europe.

Spoil your loved ones with a premium gift from Mavis filled with the finest nut combination.

You have multiple options to choose from our 100 gr boxes.

Choose the varieties you like the most and you will certainly get it right.
Create your gift box, filled with your personal selection of gourmet nuts, by choosing three 100g boxes of the following varieties:

Product Quantity

Pistachios, saffron roasted

Pistachios, lemon & sea salt roasted

Pistachios, sea salt roasted

Roasted dried nut mix

Temporarily unavailable

Fruity dried nut mix

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