Product Information

We offer a variety of pistachio roasts, fruit and nut cocktails:

Pistachios roasted in 3 different flavors:
– Saffron
– Salt and Lemon
– Sea Salt

Two types of nut cocktails:
– Fruity Dried Nut Mix Cocktail:
Pistachio kernels (20%), unsalted roasted almonds (20%), unsalted roasted cashew nuts (20%), unsalted roasted hazelnuts (15%), Thomson raisins (15%), green raisins Keshmesh (10%).

– Roasted Dried Nut Mix Cocktail:
Roasted pistachio kernels (20%), roasted almonds (20%), roasted hazelnuts (20%), roasted pumpkin seeds (20%), roasted cashew nuts (19,7%), sea salt (0,3%). 

Some people may be allergic to nuts, which is why the European health authorities have drawn up a regulation establishing special labelling rules to prevent the risk.

Nuts are superfood, a source of minerals, potassium, calcium, iron and trace elements such as zinc and selenium with antioxidant properties. They are high in vitamins, rich in healthy fats, vegetable protein and are rich in fiber. Many nutritionists recommend the daily consumption of nuts and dried fruits because of their healthy properties.

It is advisable to store the unopened product in a cool, dry place (see expiry date on the packet). Once opened, the product should be consumed within a maximum period of two weeks

The gift will be the same as shown on the website, but in case of any setback we reserve the right to make changes, but always in the customers’ best interest.

Discounts will depend on promotions. Special requests can be made through the “contact us” section.

MAVIS is a Spanish company, and the nuts originate mainly from Persia, famous for the best pistachios and nuts.